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Cracking the
skills code

​At The Future is Now, we're passionate about skills!


Not only are skills fundamental to performance - as the knowledge, competencies and abilities required to perform tasks - they also connect and power every aspect of a company's people systems, and open doors for career opportunities.  Skills are developed through study and practice, and hands-on life and work experiences.

We focus on three key contexts for skill-building: UPskilling to improve existing skills, REskilling to develop new skills for a different role or industry, and PREskilling™ to build skills that will be critical in the future. 

Why skills?

Much attention is now being placed on digital skills (for very good reasons!). However, to truly prepare individuals and companies for the future, it's important to prioritize a broader range of skills:

  • technical and digital skills to keep pace with accelerating technology, and deepen business and financial acumen

  • social and emotional skills, such as empathy and resilience

  • higher cognitive skills, like creativity, innovation and problem solving

Through all of this, measurement matters. Skills can be measured, with levels determined by self-assessments, tested assessments and observation - and these insights fuel important skills intelligence, for both individuals and organizations. 

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THE SKILLS IMPERATIVE  More than 100M US workers have quit their jobs since 2021. The global talent shortage is expected to create $8.5 trillion in unrealized revenue by 2030. Skills gaps are expected to drive $11.5 trillion in cumulative losses in GDP growth in the next 5 years. ---------- 40% of the skills in every job will change by 2025 ----------- Time required to start building future-focused skills:  1-2 months for People & Culture, Communication, Sales and Marketing skills  2-3 months for Product Development, Data & AI skills  4-5 months for Cloud Computing & Engineering skills
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Powering new skills

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• UPSKILLING enhances existing skills and builds targeted new ones to help people stay current in their existing job or field. (e.g., a customer service representative gaining proficiency in chatbot management; or a program manager learning new software or techniques to work more efficiently or effectively)

• RESKILLING enables individuals to acquire entirely new skills to equip them to transition into a different job or field. It opens new work and career opportunities, and it is especially important when roles are becoming obsolete. (e.g., equipping a manufacturing worker to become a software developer)

PRESKILLING™ equips individuals to build skills – starting now – that will be critical in the future. It helps individuals be nimble, stay ahead of the curve, and prepare for upcoming industry shifts. (e.g., building proficiency in emerging technologies like AI and Blockchain; critical thinking and problem solving; and sustainability, conservation and renewable energy)

The power of PREskilling in action...

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